• Steam Boiler
  • Hot Water Heater,
  • Thermal Oil heaters
  • Accessories like tanks, pumps, safety equipment, Economizers etc.



Complete RANGE of Burners available in On/Off, Two stage Type & Modulating Systems

  • Natural GAS Burnercombine burners
  • LPG Gas burner
  • Diesel Oil (LIGHT Oil) Burner
  • Furnace Oil burner (Heavy Oil Burner)


Boiler & Burner Control Automation Instruments:

Burner programmer UV Flame Detector, Furnace oil pump light diesel oil pump, Solenoid valve, Slow Opening Valve of all size, level Switch Probs. Modulating Air & GAS pressure Switches, Ignition Transformers & Electrodes.


Boiler Burner combustion Analysis


 Temperature Equipment:

  • Sensor (RTD& all types of thermocouple)
  • Indicator Controller,
  • Gauges,
  • Temperature Transmitter
  • Recording System


Pressure Equipment:

  • Pressure Switch,
  • Dial Gauges,
  • Smart Pressure Transmitter (HART protocol)
  • Remote Indicator,
  • Controller and Recorder


 Level Equipment:

  • Capacitance Probe,
  • Radar level,
  • Over fill protection,
  • Converter Indicator,
  • Controller & Recorder.


 Flow Equipment:

  • Flow Sensor,
  • Magnetic, Tube,
  • Turbine,
  • Vortex &
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter systems,
  • Integrated Differential Pressure Flow measurement system,
  • Indicator controller & Recorder.


 Control Valve & All other type of Valves:

  • Electro-Pneumatic control valves with I /P Positioner, I /P Converter also available with special features like feedback, communication.


 PLC’s & SCADA System:

          For automatic plant operation and control

  • PLC’s
  • Modules
  • DCS


Drives for the Motors:

  • VFD
  • Soft-start Drives for industrial motors of all ranges.

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