Solutions & Services

We provide all the services, layout drawings, Electric connection drawing Installation of equipments. We also provide the services for all process control system, Combustion Analysis, HMI and PLC installation Analog values, Display on PC and HMI.

A few services are listed below:


 Our manufacturing services include

  •     Thermo Oil Boiler (furnace)
  •     Hot water Boiler
  •     Wood firing System for Steam Boiler for up to 30 TPH (tons per hours)
  •     All types of tank (MS,SS) fabrication and lying of piping

Integration Services

We provide following types of integrated services

  •     Control Systems
  •     Panel Design & Build
  •     Modular Process Systems
  •     Separation Technology


We provide the full scope of engineering services and solutions to meet your specific needs. Following are just some of the automation brands and products we install:

  •     AC Drives
  •     Programmable Logic Controllers
  •     Servo Motors & Drives
  •    Distributed Control System

Maintenance and Repair

We offer cost-effective repair services and have technical expertise to help you increase uptime and optimize equipment performance.
All remanufactured equipment includes:

  •     Installation of applicable updates/enhancements
  •     Replacement of failed/aged components
  •     Parametric testing
  •     Cleaning and overhauling

On site services

Our highly experienced Field Service Professionals work with you to help:

  •   Ensure on-time production
  •   Improve equipment operation
  •   Reduce risk of performance problems
  •   Reduce total maintenance costs
  •   Flue Gas Analysis
  •   Solutions for Energy conservation
  •   Test and Calibration of Control Equipment

S.A Automation

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